Why Were Movies and Other Forms of Entertainment So Popular?

Why were movies and other forms of entertainment so popular? Films have been one of the most common forms of entertainment for more than a century, and their popularity grew as the First World War drew people to the theaters. While some of the films have more purpose, most of them are mostly for entertainment purposes. The Lumiere brothers, for example, sent cameramen around the world to capture any scene of public interest. As a result, the earliest films were more about documentaries than they were about stories. In addition to fiction films, the Lumiere brothers started to make newsreels, which they then distributed. This revolutionized the way we see movies, combining newsreels and fiction stylishster.

The first decade of the twentieth century saw an increase in disposable income. Tickets to the movies were only 25 cents for a live show and double feature, and people of all ages attended them more frequently than they do today. By the end of the decade, theaters hosted 90 million people each week. Entertainment was a necessity in these hard times, so the development of cinema was a significant step toward promoting the American Dream.

Films made the Great Depression a memorable time for the country. They gave people an escape from their bleak lives. They also gave them a glimpse into high society. Movies were so popular during the Depression that Hollywood started enforcing the Hays Code, a series of rules designed to keep movies “clean.” But the movie industry was influenced by the scandal involving Marlene Dietrich kissing a woman in Morocco in 1930, and film attendance began to drop dramatically.

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