SC Expungement Process

The sc expungement process involves a number of requirements that need to be met. In addition to filing an application for expungement, an applicant must submit the proper court documents. These must be submitted by mail or hand-delivered on the scheduled dates. The application fee must be paid in the form of money order or attorney check. There are no refunds for these fees. You should contact an attorney before starting the process, as the laws are constantly changing.

Expungement is only available for individuals who are over the age of 18. If you are a juvenile and were convicted of a crime, you must wait until you turn eighteen years of age to file the petition. Once you reach that age, you must follow the provisions of Section 17-1-40. For more information on the process, read on. The fees for the expungement process are separate. You will need to pay to different agencies, so you’ll need to bring separate checks or money orders for each agency. While many convictions can be expunged, others cannot. The SC Pardon Act allows you to receive forgiveness of the legal consequences of the crime, but this does not remove the conviction from your criminal record. However, some employers will still consider you for a job even if you have a pardoned conviction.

You may qualify for expungement if you have no prior convictions and were found not guilty of the charge in the first place. If you have completed a pretrial intervention program, the case can be dismissed prior to trial. In addition, you must be at least eighteen years old and have no additional charges. It is also important to remember that the expungement process can take as much as three years, so you should consider the length of time it will take.

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