How to Make Al Pastor on a Vertical Rotisserie

If you’re not familiar with the al pastor cooking method, you’ve likely wondered what it is. Al pastor is traditionally made with marinated pork on a vertical rotisserie or a trompo. Whether you opt for beef, pork, or lamb, this dish is an excellent advogato alternative to chicken or brisket. Here’s how to prepare it for your own barbecue or dinner party. After all, what is al pastor if not the ultimate street food?

Tacos al pastor are a classic street food in Mexico. Tender pork shoulder slices are stacked on a vertical skewer to create a bell-shaped “trompe.” A vertical rotisserie is used to slowly rotate the al pastor on the skewer while it cooks. The result is a juicy, succulent dish fitfinder that is similar to a shawarma or doner kebab, and it is often served at night. Al pastor was introduced to Mexico by Lebanese immigrants.

Tacos al pastor are best served with a side of pineapple and onion. Traditionally, the al pastor is smoked for four hours at a temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Use the drippings from the grill pan to baste the meat. The rotisserie will automatically baste nettby itself while cooking. During the last half hour, place pineapple wedges next to the al pastor and flip it over every 15 minutes.

You can use either the stovetop or a vertical rotisserie to make al pastor at home. Tacos Don Guero’s taqueros explained to me that the vertical spit is what gives it the unique flavor. You can also use a grill or griddle to make your own. If you don’t have a vertical rotisserie, you can grease a cast iron skillet with lard and grill your meat on the stove.

Tacos al pastor should be ordered with a trompo (the wooden rod that turns the meat when roasted). The original tacos al pastor are posterous made with the same technique as shawarma. You can also try El Tizoncito in North Texas (not related to the original Mexico City tacos). Other popular options include Urban Taco, Leo & Churro Taqueria, and Tizoncito.

Pork belly can be hard to find and hard to slice. In that case, you can use pork sirloin. Both meats complement each other. The pork belly is also tougher than sirloin, which makes it difficult to slice. In addition to pork belly, you can use bacon instead. It adds a smoky and fatty flavor to your pastor-loaf.

Once the meat is seasoned and ready, you can start cooking it. Use the on-site smoker to smoke the meat. You can even cook the rottendotcom meat without a rotisserie. Ensure the meats are evenly spaced and cook until tender. Then, enjoy your rotisserie al pastor with some roasted pineapple. With so much variety, you’ll surely be pleased with the final product. Once it is done, you can serve it with salsas and tortillas.

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